This is why we dont get as outraged over black on black crime

Before I say this let me acknowledge that everyone is entitled to their opinion. Im from Baltimore where everyone (of all races) knows someone effected by or has lost their life to black on black crime. Lately though, in light of the Mike Brown tragedy a lot of people are voicing their discomfort with other’s outrage. Saying things like “yall love to rally when a white person kills a black person but what about all of the blacks that kill blacks all the time. We dont hear from you then.” I know 1st hand, that most b-on-b violence is a direct retaliation or “rally” against some previous b-on-b crime. So not that 2 wrongs make a right, but this fact is an answer to ur fake devil’s-advocate-ness, BUT lets pretend that this fact wasnt true. To me, its OBVIOUS why a white police killing a black teen is more angering & causes more of an upheaval than b-on-b violece.
Most b-on-b violence IS due to some reason…often times reasons that didnt warrant death or maybe were miniscule but a reason nonetheless. These kids (Mike, Trayvon) are getting killed for NO reason.
B-on-b violence is usually commited by ppl who we arent really surprised by their violence. Mike Brown was killed by a police officer, someone who is supposed to protect us. Im not making excuses for black murderers, but excuse us for expecting a police officer (of any race) to have greater responsibility or morals than a murder.
These final reasons are admittingly slightly ignorant but are a part of the code we realistically live by in order to maintain some type of fairness. I am not writing this from the persona of someone who pretends we lived in a perfect world before Trayvon lost his life. I myself have been harmed by police simply for driving down the street & I have lost close friends to b-on-b violence. I say all this to say, there’s a different pain/disrespect felt when someone outside the tribe does the harm doing. Example, you can wake up & punch your brother in the chest everyday. But if a stranger does is (for no reason) they’re more wrong than you. Again this hypothetical example isnt in a utopian society, its in urban America…now when a white police officer KILLS a black teen in a city where there has been NO Black on Black homicides ALL YEAR?! THATS WHY THE FUCK WE ARE MORE MAD ABOUT THAT. The fuck?